Formentera, where time stands still

Let the sun bathe you

A journey to the discovery and freedom of Formentera





A reflection of the island

CS Philosophy

We seek to make each experience we offer to be a meaningful moment, a stop in time, forget the daily routine and enjoy freedom. The care of our team, the minimalist beauty of the architecture of our establishments, the respect for the environment and the community, the curiosity for local flavours, and the love for our guests, are the mirror of what Formentera means.

Our family

Curious, authentic, different

1922 - 2023, 4 Generations, 100 years dedicated to the hotel business.we are a family originally from Formentera, that's why we love it more than anyone else and we are united by the same dream: to share our essence of living. Calmly, but without stopping, we have projected our vision on these lands without interrupting or damaging them. We believe in the beauty that emerges from the nature that surrounds us, its rhythms and secret corners. We rise with the sun, and we like to immerse ourselves in the spell of the sunset. We are the island.

Natural Formentera

Let the island tell you about it

The experience we propose is one of exploration and enjoyment, placing our island as the protagonist, without artifice and respecting its origins. We know that our guests are looking for a place where rest is real and not just a promise, and our facilities, services and equipment provide an atmosphere of freedom, where the island tells you its story.


We share what we have

In order to actively participate and collaborate with various entities on the island of Formentera, we have dedicated part of our work to social initiatives. One example is our collaboration with the Association Against Cancer of Formentera (AECC), where we provide cancer patients with one day a week in our SPA at Sa Pedrera Suites & SPA to make their treatment more pleasant. We also organise an annual party at our Cala Saona Hotel & SPA, the proceeds of which go entirely to the AECC. We also contribute to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation by making donations for the construction of houses in India and by sponsoring children. We also have a collaboration with Caritas Spain, where the proceeds from our Solidarity Room are destined to Formentera Solidaris to support their aid programmes for the needy population of the island. Finally, we are sponsors of the S.D. Football Club Formentera, the Formentera Basket Club and other sporting events held on the island.

Responsible hospitality

Real commitment

Following our philosophy of ecological and energy sustainability, we have installed solar panels for both hot water and electricity consumption, charging points for electric vehicles, a seawater osmosis plant for all the hotel's consumption and a purification plant for garden irrigation.

The entire hotel uses energy-saving light bulbs, taps to reduce water consumption, and automatic air-conditioning shutdown systems in rooms.

Our vision is to be an energetically sustainable, ecological and plastic-free company. Our motto is to take care of our environment, so that the environment takes care of us.

The Island

A perfect refuge

Formentera is unspoilt natural beauty. Its beaches of crystalline waters and white sands intermingle with a leisurely pace of life. Here it seems that things have not yet been revealed, hence its purity. A perfect refuge to connect with the singular autochthonous richness, to observe with amazement, to stop and enjoy with all five senses, and to rest your gaze on the horizon.


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